Ask Buddy: Accessories for Cigars

M.A.’s Smoke House Manager Buddy Williams has a wealth of knowledge about cigars, pipes and tobacco. He’s always willing to share that knowledge with fellow enthusiasts who come into the shop or call on the phone. In this feature we call ‘Ask Buddy’, we share some of the most common questions that customers ask Buddy along with his expert answers.

Welcome to Ask Buddy – your questions answered by our resident cigar expert!

What kinds of accessories do I need with my cigars?

“For starters, you’ll need a cutter and a lighter,” says Buddy. “Cigars come with a cap on them to protect the stick and keep it bound. Before smoking, you have to cut the cap with a cutter. With a cutter, you’re paying for the quality of the steel. We sell Xikar cutters that come with lifetime warranties and range from $8.00 to $100.

While you can light your cigar the old fashioned way with a match (as long its sulphur-free), a torch lighter will give you a quick and easy burn. Torch lighters start at $30 and can be refilled with butane.”

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