Share This Smoker’s Christmas List With the People You Love

If your favorite people scratch their heads every year and wonder what to get you for Christmas, send them the link to this article in an email, text or instant message.

Hopefully, you’ll find something from MA’s Smokehouse under the tree that’ll put a smile on your face!

Every cigar and pipe smoker has a list of favorite accessories and gadgets that enhance the pleasure of the experience.

Do you know the things that your favorite smoker might enjoy?

If not – and you’d like to surprise him (or her) this Christmas, consider these gift ideas from MA’s Smokehouse in Shreveport-Bossier.

Torch Lighters
This is one gift guaranteed to go up in flames. Torch lighters shoot a strong flame to make lighting cigars easy. These range in price from $30-$100 with the higher end lighters offering more burners for a larger flame.

Cigar Cutters
Your cigar smoker will appreciate a sharp, new cutter to cut the cap of his cigars. Made from steel, cigar cutters come in different designs and range in price from $45-$100.

Travel Humidors
Does your cigar smoker travel? If so, he will appreciate having a humidor designed for the road. Travel humidors hold a collection of five to 150 sticks and will keep smokes fresh and in a controlled humidified environment of 72%.

“For the smoker on the go, we recommend one of the XIKIR travel humidors,” says Buddy Williams, manager of MA’s Smokehouse. “These keep the cigars at the perfect humidity level and are available in various models ranging from $30-$100.”

Italian Briar Basket Pipes
If you’d like to add a new pipe to your favorite smoker’s collection ask Buddy to recommend a basket pipe made of Italian Briar.

“You need to have several pipes and rotate them between smokes in order to prevent them from souring,” says Buddy. “An Italian Briar Basket pipe would be a nice addition to anyone’s collection.”

Where To Find M.A.’s Smokehouse:
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In Bossier City: 2917 Old Minden Rd, Suite E.
Hours for both stores: 10:00 am-9:00 pm Monday-Saturday and 12:00 pm-6:00 pm Sundays.