Cuban Master Hamlet Paredes Connects with Customers at MA’s Special Event

Hamlet Paredes, a Cuban Master of Tobacco and new Rocky Patel cigar designer, appeared recently at a special event sponsored by MA’s Smokehouse.

“We had several dozen cigar fans attend our event with Hamlet Paredes,” said Buddy Williams, manager. “Our customers really enjoyed meeting Hamlet, who explained the differences in the way cigars are rolled in Cuban versus the rolling processes used in other countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.”

Paredes explained that in Cuban cigar factories, one roller is responsible for producing a batch of cigars from start to finish. In other countries, cigars are rolled assembly-line style.

“With the Cuban method of rolling, the roller’s reputation is on the line so I’m thinking he works harder to make sure the quality is there,” said Buddy.

Paredes immigrated to the United States just a few years ago and due to the name he created for himself in Cuba, was invited by famed cigar manufacturer Rocky Patel to create a cigar for the Patel line. Paredes experimented for months with more than 100 blend attempts until he was satisfied with his creation: the ‘Tabaquero’, which features a San Andrés wrapper from Mexico, double binders from Brazil and Mexico, and filler tobacco from Nicaragua.

“The Hamlet is a really great stick,” says Buddy. “It has a spicy flavor with a kick, a medium-to-full-body, and lots of good, rich flavors. Those who attended the special event loved the cigar.”

Customers who purchased a box of Hamlets during the event were given bonuses of an ashtray, a t-shirt and a hat. But even better, Paredes custom-rolled a cigar for each lucky customer – a special experience and likely keepsake for MA’s cigar aficiondos.