Three Guidelines for Pairing Cigars with Beer

If you enjoy cigars and beer, you may have a favorite ‘go-to’ pairing. But if not, or if you’re adventurous and want to experiment, here are three guidelines for pairing that will help you enjoy cigar and beer pairs even more.

#1: To Thine Own Self Be True

While some tout rules that one should follow when pairing cigars with beer, don’t listen to them. Follow your personal taste preferences. Everyone is different and you’re the only one who knows what you like.

#2: Match The Colors

Try this tip from experienced pairers: match the color of the cigar wrapper with the color of the beer. It’s a great place to start your pairing experiments and you may be surprised how well a light brown wrapper goes with a light brown brew.

#3: Take Notes

To help you remember your preferences, be sure to take notes. Record each cigar’s brand name and wrapper as well as what beer you paired it with and rate the experience. You’ll notice trends and preferences that will help you make future choices and guide you to new ‘go-to’ pairings.

M.A.’s and Havana’s Sports Bar – A Winning Pair

A great place to start your pairing exploration is at M.A.’s Smokehouse at 855 Pierremont Road in the Towne Oaks Shopping Center. Stop by M.A.’s and get new cigar recommendations from manager Buddy Williams.  (Insider’s tip: try some of the brand new boutique cigars just in from small-batch manufacturers.) Then go next door to our sister shop, Havana’s Sports & Cigar Bar, and start pairing your new cigars with one of the dozens of beers on tap or chilled. Happy pairing!