Ask Buddy: Quality vs. Quantity

M.A.’s Smoke House Manager Buddy Williams has a wealth of knowledge about cigars, pipes and tobacco. He’s always willing to share that knowledge with fellow enthusiasts who come into the shop or call on the phone. In this feature we call ‘Ask Buddy,’ we share some of the most common questions that customers ask Buddy along with his expert answers.

Welcome to Ask Buddy – your questions answered by our resident cigar expert!

I have a limited cigar budget.  Would you recommend I go for quality or quantity?

“We sell cigars that range from $4.00 upwards to $2000,” says Buddy. “But most quality cigars cost in the $8.00-$15.00 range. There are a number of things that go into the price of a cigar including the age of the tobacco, the rarity of the tobacco and whether or not the cigar was made in a factory or a small boutique.  With a more expensive cigar, the aged tobacco is going to give you a smoother taste and the long filler will burn slower and last longer. It really is about how much you want to spend. But my personal preference is quality over quantity.”

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