Ask Buddy – How do I bring back a dried-out cigar?

M.A.’s Smoke House Manager Buddy Williams has a wealth of knowledge about cigars, pipes and tobacco. He’s always willing to share that knowledge with fellow enthusiasts who come into the shop or call on the phone. In this feature we call ‘Ask Buddy’, we share some of the most common questions that customers ask Buddy along with his expert answers.

Welcome to Ask Buddy – your questions answered by our resident cigar expert!

How do I bring back dried out cigars?

If you don’t keep your cigars in a humidifier or don’t take care of them, they can dry out. And if they dry out, you’re going to notice that they aren’t as flavorful. That’s because most of the flavors in cigars are in the oils and when they dry out, your flavor is gone.

You can restore some of the flavor by placing the cigar in a bovedo pouch: a humidified pouch that keeps the cigar at a consistent level of humidity.

But to keep your cigars from drying out at all, we recommend keeping them in a humidifier. We offer those in a price range from $6.00-$40.00.

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