Ask Buddy: Why Buy Local?

M.A.’s Smoke House Manager Buddy Williams has a wealth of knowledge about cigars, pipes and tobacco. He’s always willing to share that knowledge with fellow enthusiasts who come into the shop or call on the phone. In this feature we call ‘Ask Buddy’, we share some of the most common questions that customers ask Buddy along with his expert answers.

Welcome to Ask Buddy – your questions answered by our resident cigar expert!

Why should I buy my cigars local?

“When it comes to cigars, you really don’t know what you are getting when you buy online. I’ve had guys come in and tell me they ordered a cigar online but instead of getting what they ordered, they were sent a substitution. That doesn’t happen at M.A.’s. When you buy from M.A.’s, you not only support the local economy but you can ask questions one-on-one; enjoy touching, smelling and seeing the cigars; and join the community of smokers who enjoy each other’s company in the indoor and outdoor smoking lounges.”

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